Doosan BM 2035

The Doosan BM 2035 is a strong and stable double column machining center with incredible spindle power and machine rigidity.

The BM 2035 is equipped with a 12000-rpm dual contact BIG-PLUS taper spindle that lets you mill the deep pockets commonly found in mold applications, and multiple rails of linear roller guideways add to the BM’s rigidity.

Machine shops that work with oversized die and mold applications (automotive, injection molding or press molds) should do themselves a favor and take a serious look at the BM Series. It is a must-add to your floor.


  • Low vibration built-in spindle
  • Integrated thermal compensation system
  • Maximum spindle speed of 12000 rpm
  • Large work-piece table (up to 3500 mm x 1850 mm)

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Mallit ja tekniset tiedot

Kone X-akselin likkematka Y-akselin liikematka Z-akselin liikematka Karanopeus Karakartio Erikois ominaisuudet
Doosan BM 2035 3500 mm 2050 mm - 8000 RPM - -
Doosan BM 2035M 3500 mm 2050 mm - 12000 RPM - Die & mold machining

Green Machining

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