DN Solutions DHF 8000

Doosan DHF 8000 is a twin-pallet 5-axis horizontal machining center built to handle large parts for heavy duty cutting.

The DHF 8000 is equipped with dual ball screws on the Y-and Z-axis with internal cooling and an A-axis nodding head spindle. The machine can cut through a wide range of hard materials such as titanium and Inconel and handles the most complex tasks with ease.

Thanks to its robust design, 800 mm twin pallets, high level of precision and minimum footprint, the DHF 8000 gobbles up large part applications in aerospace, the oil field, automotive industry, and other related industries.

Whether it is milling, shaving, drilling, or cutting, the DHF 8000 can machine it all and handles the most complex parts with the utmost efficiency.

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Kone Istukkakoko Tankokapasiteetti Karanopeus Max sorvaushalkaisija Max. sorvaus pituus Erikois ominaisuudet
DN Solutions DHF 8000 - - 6000 RPM - - -
DN Solutions DHF 8000ST - - 6000 RPM - - Single pallet

Green Machining

Duroc Machine Toolin tuotteilla on ns. takaisinostotakuu. Nimen mukaisesti takaamme ostavamme milloin tahansa takaisin meiltä ostamasi Doosan-koneen.

Tämä on vastuullisuusperiaatteemme. 

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