DN Solutions Lynx 2600Y

Lynx 2600 series is a high-performing horizontal turning center that enables complex machining using only one set-up.

Lynx 2600 has a maximum machining diameter of 380 mm and an upgraded structural rigidity/accuracy to increase its machining capability and productivity through outstanding reduction of both cutting time and non-cutting time for complex shapes machining.

The excellent reliability of the Lynx 2600 is based on the adoption of a wider support structure, more stable bed, low vibration/noise spindle, servo-driven turret, and a full slideway cover for preventing coolant leaks and chips from penetrating the machine.

The Lynx 2600 series is equipped with a powerful spindle motor that is capable of 0.001-degree high accuracy C-axis control and provides a large bar capacity with a bar working diameter of 81 mm.

We guarantee that the Lynx 2600 series will work so hard you might think it was born with a chip on its shoulder.

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Mallit ja tekniset tiedot

Kone Istukkakoko Tankokapasiteetti Karanopeus Max sorvaushalkaisija Max. sorvaus pituus Erikois ominaisuudet
DN Solutions Lynx 2600Y 10 inch 81 mm 3500 RPM 380 mm 610 mm Milling; Y-axis
DN Solutions Lynx 2600SY 10 inch 81 mm 3500 RPM 380 mm 610 mm Sub spindle (right); Milling; Y-axis

Green Machining

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