Doosan PUMA V400

The PUMA V400 is a vertical turning center designed for long term accuracy, heavy duty cutting and require minimal space on the floor.

PUMA V400 is equipped with a cartridge type spindle with an A2-8 spindle nose to achieve spindle rates as high as 3,000 rpm and a maximum spindle power capacity of 22 kW.

The large 12 station turret features a large diameter Curvic coupling and heavy-duty design with unsurpassed rigidity. Turret rotation, acceleration and deceleration are all controlled by a reliable high torque servo motor. Unclamp and rotation are virtually simultaneous, and its fast index response reduces the total cycle time.

PUMA V400 is the new standard for unsurpassed productivity, high speed, and surgical precision.

Mallit ja tekniset tiedot

Kone Istukkakoko Tankokapasiteetti Karanopeus Max sorvaushalkaisija Max. sorvaus pituus Erikois ominaisuudet
Doosan PUMA V400 12 inch - 3000 RPM 496 mm 461 mm -
Doosan PUMA V400-2SP 12 inch - 3000 RPM 496 mm 461 mm Twin spindle
Doosan PUMA V400M 12 inch - 3000 RPM 496 mm 461 mm Milling
Doosan PUMA V400M-2SP 12 inch - 3000 RPM 496 mm 461 mm Milling; Twin spindle
Doosan PUMA V400P 12 inch - 3000 RPM 496 mm 461 mm -

Green Machining

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Tämä on vastuullisuusperiaatteemme. 

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