Doosan DBC 160

Doosan offers one of the most customizable boring machine lines in the industry with the DBC II series.

The DBC 160 II has been designed with a rigid construction for lifelong accuracy and are equipped with powerful heavy-duty spindles for optimum cutting performance.

The DBC II series are used extensively in the oil/gas, automotive, nuclear, and power generation sectors and for large die and mold applications too.

With available configurations according to spindle diameter, extended stroke and more, the DBC 160 II will simplify your production and boost your machining capacity.

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Mallit ja tekniset tiedot

Kone X-akselin likkematka Y-akselin liikematka Z-akselin liikematka Karanopeus Karakartio Erikois ominaisuudet
Doosan DBC 160 4000 mm 2500 mm - 2000 RPM - -
Doosan DBC 160L 5000 mm 3000 mm - 2000 RPM - Long x-stroke

Green Machining

Duroc Machine Toolin tuotteilla on ns. takaisinostotakuu. Nimen mukaisesti takaamme ostavamme milloin tahansa takaisin meiltä ostamasi Doosan-koneen.

Tämä on vastuullisuusperiaatteemme. 

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