Doosan DNM 5700

The new version of the Doosan DNM series boasts even greater reliability and performance than its predecessor and offer grease lubrication to the roller guideways to achieve a higher degree of sustainability.

The design concepts of the DNM 5700 are high speed, high rigidity and suitability for universal applications. The DNM series boasts a wide range of standard features and it has the largest machining space in its class. It is also equipped with direct coupled spindle, roller guideways and thermal error compensation to provide optimum precision.

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Mallit ja tekniset tiedot

Kone X-akselin likkematka Y-akselin liikematka Z-akselin liikematka Karanopeus Karakartio Erikois ominaisuudet
Doosan DNM 5700 1050 mm 570 mm - 8000 RPM ISO 40 -
Doosan DNM 5700L 1300 mm 570 mm - 8000 RPM ISO 40 Long x-stroke
Doosan DNM 5700S 1000 mm 570 mm - 15000 RPM ISO 40 High speed

Green Machining

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